For hard wear and easy care, nothing beats vinyl flooring. With a seemingly endless range of applications, this is a cost-effective way to transform any room. Vinyl flooring is flexible, easy to fit, and simple to look after. In fact, it’s one of our most popular - we sell everything from contemporary patterned vinyl flooring to wood effect vinyl flooring - perfect for family living.

The true beauty of vinyl is that it offers easy care with great looks. So lay herringbone vinyl flooring in the kitchen diner for a classic look that’s simple to clean, or try on-trend vinyl flooring in the living room, accented by a colourful rug. All our collections are featured here, so take a look and contact us for more information.

BONITA BF102 Vinyl Flooring


We are excited to introduce this new range which combines practicality and design to offer customers...
  • BONITA BF101 Finsbury vinyl flooring
  • BONITA BF102 Giltspur mosaic vinyl flooring
  • BONITA BF103 Mosaic Herringbone pattern vinyl flooring
  • BONITA BF104 Downing  Mosaic Herringbone pattern vinyl flooring
  • BONITA BF105 Portobello Pattern vinyl flooring
  • BONITA BF106 Gresham Pattern vinyl flooring
  • + 9 more colours
browsing the web whilst sitting in dining room with Vinyl flooring


We are excited to introduce this new range which combines practicality and design to offer customers...
  • ENCANTO EF101 Blenheim Foam Back Vinyl Flooring
  • ENCANTO EF102 Chatsworth  Foam Back Vinyl Flooring
  • ENCANTO EF103 Highclere foam back vinyl flooring
  • ENCANTO EF104 Wentworth foam back vinyl flooring
  • ENCANTO EF105 Chartwell foam back vinyl flooring
  • ENCANTO EF106 Dorney foam back vinyl flooring
  • + 8 more colours
Cirrus IV IC512 Hawsworth foam back vinyl flooring

Cirrus IV.

Cirrus IV offers a variety of fresh and modern tile patterns, making it a great choice for both homeowners...
  • Cirrus IV Galaxy Dark Grey Vinyl Flooring
  • Cirrus IV Galaxy Light Grey Vinyl Flooring
  • Cirrus IV Galaxy Misty Blue Vinyl Flooring
  • Cirrus IV Galaxy Calico Vinyl Flooring
  • Cirrus IV IC505 Cream Crackle vinyl flooring
  • Cirrus IV Galaxy Porridge Vinyl Flooring
  • + 6 more colours
Felt back vinyl in living room

Essential II.

This affordable and competitively priced vinyl range is available in 13 on-trend wood-like and tile-like...
  • Essential II Ashridge Vinyl Flooring
  • Essential II Bisham Vinyl Flooring
  • Essential II Bowdown Vinyl Flooring
  • Essential II Winterly Vinyl Flooring
  • Essential II Enborne Vinyl Flooring
  • Essential II Brampton Vinyl Flooring
  • + 7 more colours
Hard wearing plain sheet vinyl in lobby


Safetyflor is superior vinyl flooring with enhanced slip resistance for demanding locations. Being stain...
  • Safetyflor Pebble Grey Vinyl Flooring
  • Safetyflor Smoke Grey Vinyl Flooring
  • Safetyflor Gypsum Vinyl Flooring
  • Safetyflor Blue Quartz Vinyl Flooring
  • Safetyflor Jet Quartz Vinyl Flooring
Cushioned vinyl in living room


Ashdown features the natural characteristics wood flooring, without any of the maintenance! With an extensive...
  • Ashdown Campigna Vinyl Flooring
  • Ashdown Gargano Vinyl Flooring
  • Ashdown Alburni Vinyl Flooring
  • Ashdown Cilento Vinyl Flooring
  • Ashdown Majella Vinyl Flooring
  • Ashdown Pollino Vinyl Flooring
  • + 4 more colours
Foam Back Vinyl Tile Design in Bathroom


Optiq has a vinyl tile design for any lifestyle with décors that include Victorian, mosaic and stone...
  • Optiq Amberley Vinyl Flooring
  • Optiq Grosvenor Vinyl Flooring
  • Optiq Infinite Vinyl Flooring
  • Optiq Sand Mosaic Vinyl Flooring
  • Optiq Country Vinyl Flooring
  • Optiq Rock Vinyl Flooring
  • + 3 more colours
Tile design sheet vinyl in living room

Pictora III.

Our updated Pictora III range gives customers the perfect blend of practicality and design. From quirky...
  • Pictora III Grey Flora Vinyl Flooring
  • Pictora III Octagram Vinyl Flooring
  • Pictora III Eccentric Vinyl Flooring
  • Pictora III Black Quartz Vinyl Flooring
  • Pictora III Diametric Vinyl Flooring
  • Pictora III Blue Flora Vinyl Flooring
  • + 9 more colours
Sheet vinyl plank design in living room

Sherwood II.

Sherwood II is a modern collection of on-trend contemporary wood decors which are hassle free! From rustic...
  • Sherwood II Mineral Oak Vinyl Flooring
  • Sherwood II Grey Strip Vinyl Flooring
  • Sherwood II Smoke Grey Vinyl Flooring
  • Sherwood II Beach Hut Vinyl Flooring
  • Sherwood II White Strip Vinyl Flooring
  • Sherwood II Chalk Plank Vinyl Flooring
  • + 7 more colours
Plank design Felt Back vinyl in bathroom

Versatility II.

Our felt-backed Versatility II is a selection of warm, cosy vinyl flooring that softens the edges of...
  • Versatility II Mimosa Vinyl Flooring
  • Versatility II Rosa Vinyl Flooring
  • Versatility II Lotus Vinyl Flooring
  • Versatility II Nigella Vinyl Flooring
  • Versatility II Waterlily Vinyl Flooring
  • Versatility II Viola Vinyl Flooring
  • + 12 more colours
Sheet vinyl tile design in bathroom


With a PTV rating of +36, Griptex has ‘low slip potential’, making it one of the safest vinyl floorings...
  • Griptex Chene Medium Vinyl Flooring
  • Griptex Cassiopee Grass Vinyl Flooring
  • Griptex Ardoise Black Vinyl Flooring
  • Griptex Verone Grey Vinyl Flooring
  • Griptex Offset Beige Vinyl Flooring
  • Griptex Cajou Nut Vinyl Flooring
  • + 14 more colours
Felt back plank design vinyl in lobby

Artisan II.

Artisan II has textured, natural wood effect designs with gradation from dark to light hues. This is...
  • Artisan II Arapaho Vinyl Flooring
  • Artisan II Caribou Vinyl Flooring
  • Artisan II Cherokee Vinyl Flooring
  • Artisan II Clearwater Vinyl Flooring
  • Artisan II Eldorado Vinyl Flooring
  • Artisan II Gallatin Vinyl Flooring
  • + 4 more colours
Tile design sheet vinyl in living room

Charisma II.

Charisma II will bring a contemporary feel to any space with its bold and industrial tile designs. Ideal...
  • Charisma II Augusta Vinyl Flooring
  • Charisma II Bradley Vinyl Flooring
  • Charisma II Defiant Vinyl Flooring
  • Charisma II Hesperus Vinyl Flooring
  • Charisma II Kimball Vinyl Flooring
  • Charisma II Minos Vinyl Flooring
  • + 4 more colours