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Twist Pile Carpet Vs Loop pile carpet

Twist pile carpets are a popular choice for many homes and businesses due to their luxurious appearance and texture. They are durable enough to withstand heavy usage without showing signs of wear and tear, making them ideal for commercial spaces as well as domestic ones. Additionally, twist pile carpets offer a wider range of colour options compared to loop pile carpets, and they feel softer underfoot while providing sound insulation from footsteps above you if installed on multiple levels within your home or business. If you have pets or children, twist pile carpets are a great choice as they are easy to clean, ensuring that your room maintains its luxurious look and cosy feel for longer periods of time.

Loop pile carpets

Loop pile carpets are carpets where the yarn is left as loops. These carpets are available in many different weights, thicknesses, and materials such as nylon and wool.

The biggest advantage of loop pile carpets is their durability, which makes them ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic like hallways and stairs. They are also trackless, which means that no vacuum or walking tracks will show. However, it is possible for the fibres to get snagged and pulled loose by sharp objects or pets' claws, which can make the carpet look dishevelled over time or cause it to run. This does not affect the carpet's lifespan, though.

They come in a range of neutral colours and provide excellent performance in all areas of your home, particularly if you opt for a low, densely woven loop. The lower the loop, the more durable the carpet will be, which makes it a popular choice for stairs, hallways, or other rooms with a high volume of foot traffic.

In contrast to twist pile carpets, which are generally soft underfoot, loop pile carpets are generally harder and more uncomfortable.

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