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Furlong Flooring Wins Best Marketing Award at Flooring Industry Awards

Furlong Flooring's outstanding achievement in winning the best marketing award at the Flooring Industry Awards is a testament to their innovative and customer-centric approach. Their Beyond Wool®collection, featuring luxurious loop and twist pile carpets.

Furlong Flooring's remarkable achievement in winning the Best Marketing Award at the Flooring Industry Awards is a testament to their innovative and customer-focused approach. The Beyond Wool® collection, which includes luxurious loop and twist pile carpets that replicate the appearance and texture of genuine wool while providing improved durability and ease of maintenance, is a true game-changer in the flooring industry.

What sets Furlong Flooring apart is its commitment to sustainability, exemplified by the introduction of the Amesbury and Castlerigg carpet ranges, manufactured using 100% recycled Polypropylene yarn. These carpets transform the look of any room, showcasing Furlong's versatility and dedication to quality.

The award-winning combi-backing incorporated in all carpets from the Beyond Wool™ collection not only ensures easier fitting but also provides moth-proof, stain-resistant, and bleach-cleanable properties. This innovation aligns perfectly with modern lifestyles and demands.

Furlong Flooring's multi-faceted approach, incorporating digital, social, and traditional marketing elements, combined with effective outreach activities, has resonated with consumers and industry experts alike.