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Back with a bang

Furlong Flooring, one of the UK’s leading carpet manufacturers and suppliers of flooring for every room in the home, is delighted to be back at The Flooring Show.

Furlong Flooring brings even more product to The Flooring Show

Furlong Flooring, one of the UK’s leading carpet manufacturers and suppliers of flooring for every room in the home, is delighted to be back at The Flooring Show. Showing significant resilience in the face of the pandemic, the company has gone from furloughing 90% of its staff in March 2020 to its strongest-ever May sales in 2021.

“We have come back more energetic than ever,” says Mike Symonds, Managing Director of the company’s Dartford distribution centre. “During the pandemic, we had three main areas of focus: obviously ensuring the business was viable for our people to return to work, but also expanding our product lines so that we can truly provide flooring for every room in the home and giving our customers easier and better ways to find and buy our flooring.”

Product-wise, the business is looking prolific. This year, Furlong has revamped the leading Elegance range to complete the overhaul of its hugely popular ‘Family of Twists’ collection. The overhaul has resulted in seven exciting ranges that cover everything from single and 2-ply yarns, Action-bac and Combi-bac® backing, plain and heather colourways, and lustered and delustered finishes. Something for every requirement, at every price point.

“Our Great British Family of Twists is 100% manufactured in the UK,” says Mike Symonds. “All these carpets come with our industry-leading warranties and are all moth-proof and stain-proof*. With weights from 25oz to 58oz, there’s a carpet for everyone, every room, and every budget.”

Earlier this year, Furlong also introduced a new 12mm laminate range. Elite XL, a strong, hard wearing and environmentally thoughtful 12mm laminate range, is exclusively available from Furlong Flooring and builds upon the launch of their popular 8mm Urban range which launched last year.

New products in the pipeline

Visitors to The Flooring Show will be among the first to get a sneak peek of Furlong Flooring’s brand-new soft touch range, Veneto. Veneto is to be launched this winter and will bridge the gap between the popular Aria and Spirito ranges, completing the soft touch collection.

Alongside that, there is also new vinyl in the pipeline, responding to increased demand from end customers, retailers, and housebuilders. The vinyl refresh will include updates to the popular Cirrus, Versatility, and Pictora ranges, with the introduction of a brand-new Cirrus Woods range.

Vinyl quality has increased exponentially in recent years and, with a much wider variety of patterns, including fabulous contemporary styles, it’s fast becoming the flooring of choice for high-traffic and easy-clean areas in the home. 

All your flooring solutions – now under one roof

To showcase its full range of flooring for every room – which includes hardwood, laminate, and LVT alongside carpet and vinyl – Furlong Flooring has invested in a website update that pulls together all the much-loved legacy brands, Regency Carpets, Design Elements, and Natural Solutions, in one place and under one brand name; Furlong Flooring.

This allows homeowners, retailers and commercial buyers, and fitters to filter products by room or product type and see exactly what the company has to offer. Together with the hugely popular new sales stands which are giving retailers the edge in their stores, and with valuable information on accessories, care, and general advice, the company is cementing its promise to be the first choice for flooring for every room.