Let’s Twist Again!

With twist pile carpets now representing 2 out of every 3 domestic carpet purchases, we understand the demand for a comprehensive and structured collection that caters for a range of budgets and needs.

Our revamped collection now has something for everyone, consisting of 7 ranges that cover everything from single and 2-ply yarns, Action-bac and Combi-bac® backing, plain and heather colourways and lustered and delustered finishes.

Our twists are our most popular collection and are affordable, look great and, with their warranties and long-life properties, they offer fantastic value for money.

Other benefits of the collection include:

·        25 to 58oz pile weights

·        All moth-proof

·        All stain-proof

·        All available on industry leading high impact POS

·        All made in the UK

If you haven’t seen our updated family of Twists, here’s a quick reminder of what you – and your customers – might be missing.

Revelation – 25oz with Action-bac backing

What’s a revelation about this range? It’s the price! This is a really affordable carpet, available in 16 colours and regularly used in environments such as rental or housing association properties. It’s a quality carpet that looks good and performs better, giving you fantastic value for money. Revelation is rated class 21 – suitable for light domestic use.

Chiltern – 25oz with Action-bac backing

Chiltern is our entry-level 2-ply twist carpet. With 1/10th gauge construction, customers value it for its reliability, quality and affordability. Available in no less than 36 colours, including a swathe of greys, stones and warm heathers, it’s sold across the UK for a wide variety of rooms and uses. Chiltern is rated class 23 – heavy domestic/class 31 – light commercial.

Carefree Twist – 35oz with Combi-bac® backing

One of our best-sellers, Carefree Twist is made in the UK, like all our carpet collections. It’s the ideal carpet for everyday family life and we’ve had fantastic feedback from retailers, developers and end-customers alike. Carefree Twist is rated class 23 – heavy domestic/class 31 – light commercial.

Trident – 39oz with Action-bac backing

Thousands of customers have trusted their floors to Trident. And it’s easy to see why – it’s a high-performance 2-ply carpet that comes in 36 colours, including ever-popular traditional shades as well as contemporary greys. And of course, it uses our bleach-cleanable fibres for easy maintenance and a long life. Trident is rated class 23 – heavy domestic/class 32 – general commercial.

Carefree Ultra – 48oz with Combi-bac® backing

It’s hard to better our best-selling Carefree Twist range, but with Carefree Ultra, you get just a little bit more. At 48oz, this is a high quality twist carpet and it’s available in the same colourways as the Carefree Twist range, so that customers can choose exactly what weight and finish they want. Giving people real choice is part of the Furlong Flooring way, and Carefree Ultra is testament to that. Carefree Ultra is rated class 23 – heavy domestic/class 32 – general commercial.

Elegance – 53oz with Combi-bac® backing

With a natural wool look, bleach-clean fibres and in-built moth resistance, you can always find something to love about our Elegance range. With 180,000 tufts per square metre, our updated Elegance carpet is 3oz heavier than the original version and comes with our award-winning Combi-bac® backing, which helps to reduce delamination, and makes for much easier fitting. Available in 16 contemporary colours in both plain and heathered finishes, it’s a great option for any room in the home. Elegance is rated class 23 – heavy domestic/class 32 – general commercial.

Serenity – 59oz with Combi-bac® backing

Sitting at the top of our twist collection is our heaviest weight ‘natural looking’ twist, Serenity. Perfect for the consumer that wants the look and performance of a twist, but with a longer pile that offers a luxury feel underfoot. Serenity comes on our award-winning Combi-bac® backing and is made with a 2-ply construction and a 10th gauge finish. Serenity is rated class 23 – heavy domestic/class 33 – heavy commercial.


Do you stock our full family of Twists? Would you like to offer your customer fantastic carpet quality at affordable prices? We’re confident that both you and your customers will love this collection – why not contact us today to find out more? Or, visit the carpet section of our website to find out more about our ranges.