Furlong Flooring for National Retailers
National retailers

National Retailers

We are flooring wholesale distributors with the experience and industry knowledge to work seamlessly with national chains, delivering a full range of high-quality products on time and to cost requirements.

Our extensive range of carpets, hardwoods and laminates, and vinyl flooring means you can offer customers real choice, real value and real service, all backed by our service level commitments. Our in-house fleet of delivery vehicles means we can deliver to stores or dedicated sites across the UK at exactly the right time for you. Giving you the flexibility you need, and your customers the delivery timescales they want.

That's why we support all our National retailers with a wide range of services. Your account manager will visit your store as often as possible, to make sure everything's working well for you, and will always be on the end of the phone or email to respond to your questions or any issues you have. We work hard with you to help you understand our products so you can sell them with confidence, and we build great-looking point-of-sale areas to help showcase the products you stock.

Our carpet, wood, laminate, LVT and vinyl flooring is carefully sourced from suppliers who we are sure can deliver to our own standards, and whose product meets our strict criteria. Our hardwood flooring comes from sustainable forestry sources and we’re confident in every style across the whole of our range.

Why choose Furlong to expand your ranges?

Quality flooring

We're known for quality. We're proud of our reputation for quality flooring and we intend to keep it that way.


We're known for service. You need to be able to rely on your flooring supplier at all times. We deliver on our promises.


We're known for choice. We supply flooring for every room in any home or business, giving customers clear choice from a respected brand.

Our range of flooring

Beautiful, practical carpets
Hardwood and laminate flooring
Natural hardwood and everyday laminate flooring
Cushioned vinyl
State-of-the-art cushioned vinyl

Our national retailer customers

Ready to expand your flooring range?

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Your stock portal

Retailers love our online portal. It gives 24/7 access to our system, allowing you to see what stock levels are like. So you can sit with your customer – who is ready and willing to buy – and give them real-time information on availability and delivery. This helps to give your customer confidence in your ability to deliver and can be the difference between losing or securing your sale.

National Retailers FAQs:

Q: Can you deliver on time?
A: Yes - with our dedicated delivery fleet, we can deliver across the whole of the UK, ensuring you get the flooring you want, when you want it.

Q: What are your point-of-sale displays like?
A: All our displays are contemporary and stylish, showcasing samples of our product and with key information supplied for the customer.

Q: What about product training?
A: We offer product training to all retailers, giving your staff the key facts and benefits so that they find it easy to sell on to customers.

Q: Can we rely on you to look after us?
A: Absolutely. We have committed to service levels that make sure you are our top priority and we'll visit your head office and your branches to make sure everything is working well.