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Why Choose Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is an elegant flooring option with many benefits for those looking for durable, long-lasting solutions. Furlong offers a great variety of options.

Hardwood flooring – brings a touch of elegance to the home

As distributors of all types of flooring for both domestic and commercial settings, we understand that different interiors require different approaches. For those customers who want to bring understated style and elegance to their home or commercial space, you can’t beat hardwood flooring.

With a wide range of woods and board widths available, this flooring gives customers plenty of choice, and has a number of benefits:

Easy maintenance

This is always a consideration for a flooring purchase. Hardwood flooring is pretty easy to keep clean – drips and spills are easy to wipe away, and crumbs and other items can be simply brushed off. Hardwood floors will need light mopping and it’s easy to find wood floor cleaning liquids to help you manage this whilst keeping the wood looking great. Take a look at our Next Step 190 flooring, which is great for both home and office.


The real wood used for flooring is hardwood. This, along with the engineered nature of the flooring, means that it is a highly durable choice – fantastic for high-traffic areas that need to handle excessive footfall. That means hardwood is ideal for everything from hallways and kitchen diners to commercial meeting rooms and halls. Its durability means that buyers can realise value for money from day one.

Good for air quality

Without carpet fibres to trap dust or glues and sealants used in the installation, hardwood flooring is great for places where there are allergy sufferers. It’s easy to get rid of pet hair and any other allergens, helping to maintain better air quality for all those using the space.

Elegant style

Wood flooring is a great character feature in older properties and that’s because it adds style and elegance. When people are refurbishing or renovating properties, hardwood flooring is a popular choice, allowing homeowners to recreate the character features of their homes, bringing a modern take on retro elegance. For example, our traditional Herringbone flooring is perfect for any setting.

Adds value

Potentially, investing in good quality hardwood flooring can add value to properties. Today’s home buyers are looking for character, style, and quality – all of which a good hardwood floor can offer. If you’re working on refurbishment projects, you should always consider this as a long-term investment. Check out the oak ranges in our Urban Landscape range to see more.


It’s true that hardwood flooring is more expensive than the common alternatives – including laminate and vinyl. But using this fully organic material means a long-term investment in the quality of fittings in the home. Its reliability, stylish look, and natural durability will give you year after year of pleasure.

You can see our full hardwood flooring range on our website – or contact us directly for more details.