Welcoming Iona - An Affordable Twist

Twisting Again: Twist Pile Carpets are made from yarn twisted tightly together and are available in heathers and plains.

Twist pile carpets represent 2 out of 3 domestic carpet purchases, taking this into consideration, we are committed to increasing customer choice and providing first choice flooring for every room. 

Our Twist Carpet carpet collection has something for everyone - starting from affordable, low weight carpets like Revelation to high-performance, hard-wearing tweed patterened twists suitable for commercial applications; the launch of Iona perfectly compliments our range of Twist carpets. Check out our full twist collection here

Iona is a great new addition to our twist carpet range; boasting of 10 fresh colour options, Iona is available in a variety of warm and cool tones that have been professionally designed to suit the interior décor of any home. Iona is ideal for smaller households looking for an affordable twist carpet. 

  • Iona is manufactured using our luxuriant and heavyweight Uni-backing, giving a more comfortable feeling underfoot. 
  • Iona is made with 100% bleach cleanable fibres and comes with a 7-year warranty
  • Iona is moth and insect resistant to keep pests at bay. 

Check out the Iona range here. Contact your Furlong rep today for Iona sampling!