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Vinyl flooring: affordable, beautiful flooring for everyone

Vinyl flooring, affordable, beautiful flooring for everyone. Our vinyl flooring collection is incredibly well engineered, with a range of designer styles providing comfort, insulation, and easy fitting whilst being cost-effective.

As people look for affordable ways to floor their homes without compromising on comfort or style, we say: why not take a look at vinyl? Our vinyl flooring collection is incredibly well-engineered, with a range of designer styles providing comfort, insulation, and easy fitting whilst being cost-effective. It can be used practically anywhere in your home – from traditional vinyl areas like kitchens and bathrooms to open-plan living spaces and high-traffic hallways.

As the rising cost of living continues to raise concerns for those looking to upgrade from old or damaged flooring, here are our top reasons for considering vinyl flooring solutions:

Affordable – this is a huge benefit. Vinyl is more affordable than some other traditional types of flooring, meaning you can give your room an instant uplift without breaking the bank. It often takes less time to install and can be laid on a wide variety of surfaces, including existing floorboards and over-underfloor heating systems. Find your nearest Furlong retailer to help you choose the best vinyl solution for your home.

Durable – importantly, vinyl will last for many years, giving you fantastic value for money. It can withstand pretty much anything making it perfect for busy family homes. And, with the increase in the number of people working from home, durable flooring that doesn't wear out easily is essential. Specialist coatings mean that vinyl is also resistant to most stains and spillage, retaining your flooring in its prime condition for as long as possible.

Easy maintenance – if you follow some simple steps, it’s quick and easy to look after your vinyl flooring. Putting protective coasters under heavy furniture and cleaning up spills quickly will help, but in general, all you need to do to keep your vinyl looking fabulous is to give it a quick once over with a mop or a vacuum cleaner.

Great designs – vinyl patterns now give you a huge range of choices. From wood-style plank and herringbone designs to Victorian-patterned tiles, modern designs, and classic plain tiles, there’s something for every home, whether contemporary or traditional.

Comfort and insulation – modern vinyl uses good quality cushion or felt backing. This makes the flooring extremely comfortable to walk on and helps with both heat and sound insulation. Choosing vinyl keeps your home warm, safe, and comfortable all year round.

At Furlong Flooring, we have an extensive range of vinyl flooring, including our latest updated ranges, including our Charisma II contemporary tile ranges, and Artisan II on-trend plank and herringbone decors. Alongside our wider vinyl range, these collections offer contemporary wood-effect, tiled, and contemporary patterns in a range of stylish colours, giving customers an incredible choice of high-quality, affordable vinyl flooring for their homes.