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Summer inspiration – interior trends for summer 2022

Summer inspiration and interior trends for summer 2022 - Updating just a few small things in your home can help to freshen things up, give you a new perspective and help make the most of the months ahead.

When the sun comes out, it makes us re-evaluate how we are using our homes and gives us an itch to make some changes. Updating just a few small things in your home can help to freshen things up, give you a new perspective, and help make the most of the months ahead.

Why flooring matters

A simple thing like changing your flooring will have an instant impact on the way you feel about your home. Replacing old carpets with easy-care, affordable vinyl or luxury vinyl tile (LVT) helps to consolidate the areas in your home. You get the feeling of more space with a single type of flooring running through your property and it can help to bring your other interior ideas into focus. But it doesn’t stop there – a recent article in Country Living suggests that one of the trends for this summer is to create spaces where we can relax and manage our wellbeing. The article calls these ‘self spaces’ – dedicated areas where we can go to relax, indulge in our hobbies, or just take some time out from life.

This may be your bathroom – often a place for rest and recuperation – in which case you need light, natural, simple flooring that’s designed for bathroom use and complements those on-trend shades of light grey on the walls. Add some plants and you’ve created an oasis without really trying.  

Biophilic interiors

‘Biophilia’ is a love of nature, and as the summer months mean more time spent outside, it’s no surprise that we want to embrace a natural look in our homes too. On a grand scale, biophilic design is about experiencing the benefits of nature in an indoor setting, and it is driving trends in large-scale architecture and development.

But it’s equally at home in your home, and a few simple steps make it easier than you think. For example, it requires good levels of natural light, matched with fresh colour schemes and natural materials for flooring, furniture, and accessories. And of course, you’ll need lots of real plants and greenery. It’s a great way to make your interiors more sustainable and to bring some of the benefits of nature into your home. 


Whilst many people are opting for a pared-back, clean interiors style, there’s also growing demand for opulence and country-house style. Think decadent downstairs cloakrooms, lots of Victoriana, and bold patterns. This works with traditional plank-style flooring and herringbone patterns, which are a great base style for warm rugs, covered ottomans, and comfy sofas. Or go full-on with warm deep pile carpet for the ultimate in luxury.

Whatever your plans for a summer of interior style, Furlong Flooring has a range that will work for you – we stock carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and LVT in a wide range of contemporary styles and colours. Our collections work across all price ranges, helping homeowners to find the perfect match.