Mother and Daughter relaxing on Deep Pile Carpet
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Saxony Pile Carpet

Saxony carpets are made with longer tufts of yarn, creating a deep pile that is loosely twisted at the base, then cut at the top and slightly separated to create an incredibly soft texture to touch and underfoot. Imagine waking up and feeling the plushness of a luxurious Saxony carpet between your toes - it's an unparalleled experience. These carpets come in a variety of finishes, ranging from smooth, velvety textures to rugged, shaggy looks. Velvety Saxony carpets have straight fibres that point in the same direction, creating a natural shift in colour from light to dark (or vice versa) when the pile moves, resulting in those popular vacuuming lines. In contrast, textured Saxony carpets have twisted fibres that reflect light at different angles, giving a two-tone appearance.

Deep pile & Soft Touch pile