Furlong Flooring carpets chosen by school in Norwich

mjc flooring is an independent flooring company based in Norwich which specialises in design and installation of unique floor coverings for the domestic and commercial markets.

“mjc flooring believe that flooring is the most important finishing touch to any building as this really makes a room stand out and puts that personal touch on the premises” says Matthew Cronin, Owner of mjc flooring.

Recently mjc flooring installed one of Furlong Flooring’s carpet brands for a project in a secondary school. The school choose this carpet as they were happy with its quality, durability and price.

The school had the carpet fitted in the classrooms, corridors and staircases and were really delighted with the installation, carpet and how it helped to transform the look and feel of the school.

Matthew Cronin, owner mjc flooring says, “We were pleased with the installation of this carpet and how easy it was to lay, Furlong Flooring carpets have an entire range to suit your requirements, and we were delighted with the finishing look”.  

We pride ourselves on satisfying our customers and we are at hand to give advice and work around your timescales.

Furlong Flooring has a large range of carpets to suit domestic and commercial requirements. We were pleased with the installation of this carpet, how easy it was to lay, and we were delighted with the finishing look.

For more information about mjc flooring visit www.mjcflooring.co.uk or Furlong Floorings product ranges visit www.furlongflooring.com