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Five reasons to use a flooring professional

If you want a really professional job, and someone who can deal with any challenges that a property can throw up, it’s best to use people who really know what they’re doing. We make sure our flooring is easy to fit and provides the best finish.

Remember the lockdown of 2020? Everyone suddenly tried to cut their own hair, and it was only then that most people realised just what skill hairdressing is. Training and experience do make a difference – the cut is better, and the finish is professional.

The same applies to flooring. It’s perfectly possible to do a DIY job – and there’s plenty of support out there to help with that – but if you want a really professional job, and someone who can deal with any challenges that a property can throw up, it’s best to use people who really know what they’re doing. We work closely with retailers, contractors, developers, and their fitting teams to make sure our flooring is as easy to fit and provides the best finish – and here are our reasons why we’d always choose a professional:

They have broad experience

You never know what you’re going to find when you lift existing flooring. Issues with old floorboards, damp, uneven floors, and even poorly-set screed in new developments present real challenges for fitting flooring well. Using a professional means you will get the benefit of someone who knows how to deal with the problems that arise.

It’s quicker than doing it yourself

You want your flooring to be installed as soon as possible. Bare floors create dust, which can affect the health of people in your household. Bare floors are also usually poorly insulated, so your heating will be less efficient until your flooring is down. So, getting a professional in will help to get your flooring down faster so you can get on with life.

It gives a better finish

Even a perfectly square room can be tricky to fit properly. It’s not just laying the flooring – it’s the final finishing that makes all the difference. And where your room has standard features like chimney breasts, bay windows and display alcoves, you need someone who understands how to cut and match your flooring to get the best final effect.

It gives you confidence

Your flooring will come with a warranty, and the last thing you want to do is invalidate that by the way you have fitted it. Using a professional will give you confidence that the job is being properly done and they will manage any issues in the unlikely event they arise.

It prevents you from paying twice

Have you ordered the right amount of flooring for your space? Whether it’s carpet, hardwood, laminate, or vinyl, there’s nothing worse than getting the estimation wrong and running out of material for that last small space or fiddly area. You’d have to order more, spend more money, and still put up with a poor finish. Avoid paying twice by using a professional who knows how to estimate the right amount of material needed and work with the flooring you’ve ordered.

At Furlong Flooring, we understand the importance of working with professionals. That’s why we’ve introduced a number of innovations like our Combi-bac backing, which reduces delamination and makes carpets much easier to fit, even in the smallest spaces. And it’s why we work with retailers, developers, and contractor businesses to deliver flooring at exactly the right time for fitting, and with the accessories and support you need to get that perfect finish.