Deep Pile Carpet Collection

Why choose deep-pile carpet?

One of the great benefits of modern flooring is that you are not limited for choice for each area of the home. A family may choose hard-wearing, vinyl or laminate flooring for high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens or bathrooms, while looking for greater comfort and luxury in other rooms.

Deep pile carpets offer this sense of style and comfort. It’s great to walk on in bare feet, for example, and the deeper pile helps to create a completely different style, they create a warm, cosy feel and can be complimented with luxury fabrics for curtains, cushions or bedding, helping to build an oasis for busy people.

Is deep pile carpet practical?

Some of the most common questions about deep pile carpet include whether it is easy to look after, whether the carpet will lose fibres with general wear and tear, and how best to manage stains and spillages. Customers also want to make sure that the carpet will fit well and look great for many years, giving them real value for money.

The Deep Pile Carpet ranges offered by Furlong come with our award winning Combi-bac® backing, reducing delamination during transport and fitting, and improving the laying process and the general fit and lifespan of the carpet.

We have recently launched Inspiration, a great addition to our Deep pile collection. Our Inspiration range brings peace of mind in all areas. Our 100% Carefree fibres are renowned for their durability and easy care. That’s why each carpet comes with a 10-year guarantee against stains and spillages and is bleach cleanable. Only gloss paint is excluded from our warranty and we’re proud of our award-winning reputation for stain-resistant fibres.

So if you choose the right deep-pile carpet, you have the best of both worlds: a luxury, comfortable and great-looking carpet alongside easy-care, bleach-cleanable characteristics. What more do you need?