Working With Furlong Flooring

At Furlong, we're all about happiness. We want our customers to be happy with the quality, delivery, price and service they get from working with us. And we want your customers to be delighted with the stylish, contemporary, well-fitting flooring they choose.

We develop great relationships with all our customers. From site visits to dedicated point-of-sale materials, we add value to our service to make sure it's easy for you to show, sell and fit our products.

Two things matter most to us: Product quality and customer service. From our in-house carpet manufacturing facility to our distribution centres, we do all the hard work so that you can have complete confidence in us.

Our commitment to you

We’re proud of our reputation for outstanding service, and we monitor and measure our service standards to make sure we meet our commitments to you:


Delivery to your door on time, every time


Largest range of stock for preferred day delivery


Work towards zero product faults


Respond immediately to your enquiries

For our retailers this means you can confidently offer Furlong products to your customers, safe in the knowledge that they’ll receive a reliable, high-quality product every time.

And for our commercial clients, it means we can deliver directly to your site on a day that suits you, enabling you to meet strict deadlines with a product that delivers on style, price and quality.

What's next?

Our business is about more than supplying flooring. It's about helping you to sell to your customers, build your business and boost your reputation. We take the time to find out exactly how we can help you do this, and provide all the support and product information you need to be confident with your own customers.

We let you know when new products are on the market; we keep you up-to-date with product changes and styles, and we're always here for help and advice.

Most importantly, we put your commercial needs first. That's why we're flexible on pricing, reliable with delivery and approachable when you have questions.

Everyone at Furlong Flooring has a single mission: To delight our customers every time. That ambition is present in everyone you meet at Furlong Flooring - and those you don’t. From our warehouse staff to the delivery drivers; finance team to the directors, we all believe in doing the very best for each customer we serve.

Mike Symonds, Managing Director, Dartford Distribution Centre

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