About Furlong Flooring

We’re a British flooring manufacturer and supplier with serious heritage. With over 30 years’ experience, we work with retailers, contractors, buyers and house builders to offer a full range of flooring solutions for every room, delivering on price, style and quality. Backed by our outstanding service commitments, a relationship with Furlong Flooring is the next step in your business’s success.

Our heritage

Furlong Flooring was founded over 30 years ago; initially manufacturing carpet for the UK market. In the early days, until recently, we distributed carpet through our Regency Carpets brand; a brand many of our customers will recognise us as.

As we began to diversify and expand into the hard flooring and vinyl markets, we introduced two new brands to our portfolio: Natural Solutions and Design Elements.

These brands served us well for many years. But we wanted to make things simpler for our customers. So in 2019, we brought all our brands together under one roof to operate as Furlong Flooring; your complete flooring supplier with solutions for every room.

If you’re still using our heritage branding, it’s time to update your marketing. Find out more about our ‘One Home’ campaign, here.

First choice flooring for every room

Today, we operate as a one-stop-shop flooring supplier. We offer a complete portfolio of flooring products, with a solution for every room. Something for every requirement, at every price point. Our portfolio includes:

Floor plan

Who we work with

We work directly with both independent and national retailers to offer a wide range of flooring solutions to the residential market. We also work with flooring contractors and house builders on larger, commercial projects.

If you’re looking for a flooring solution for your own property, you can locate your nearest Furlong Flooring retailer here.

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