Revealed: 2022’s colours of the year (and the flooring to match)

Revealed: 2022’s colours of the year (and the flooring to match)

Some of the world’s leading paint designers have released their top colours for 2022 – and they’re all about a fresh, natural look for your home.

The showcased colours are a result of collaboration with leading interior designers, who are used to predicting décor trends and know exactly what looks great in every room. We’ve chosen the following three ‘colours of the year’ to share with you:

Evergreen Fog is Sherwin-Williams’ chosen colour, described as ‘a chameleon of gorgeous green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue. It’s a simple but sophisticated beautiful organic colour for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade.’

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The trend is certainly for natural, calming and mindful wall colours, which are perfectly complemented by both hardwood or laminate flooring in heavily-used areas, and gorgeous soft-pile carpet in bedrooms and living rooms. All the colours in this list will look great with both dark and light hardwood tones, and with the lighter greys and stone washes of laminate, vinyl and contemporary carpet.

Leading paint supplier, Benjamin Moore, has chosen a shade in a similar style to Evergreen Fog. It’s chosen colour is October Mist, which it says evokes the silver-green stem of a flower. A slightly lighter tone, this colour is also ideal for any room in the home, and is particularly great for bedrooms, offices and studios where you might want to inject a sense of calm. It’s also great for a feature wall in a kitchen, where you can add high quality vinyl flooring for practicality and style.

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Dulux, one of the UK’s most loved home décor brands, has chosen a brighter tone, with its Bright Skies pale blue. Again, this colour is all about bringing a sense of freshness and clean air to your home, reinvigorating your designs and transforming your space. Like the other manufacturers, Dulux has paired its colour of the year with a range of palettes to give you plenty of choice about how you use this great colour.

Dulux makes the point that we’ve had to reinvent our homes over the past two years – incorporating work spaces, school spaces and more, all within the same home. So now is the time to use colour and flooring to help give your home a distinct sense of space, so that you feel you are clearly moving from one area to another – great for a more productive life and for your mental health.

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Ready to transform your home?

These three colours of 2022 are the ideal way to refresh a space in your home, bring nature inside and give you a new sense of purpose. Adding new flooring can have the same effect – making your room feel more open and spacious, or more warm and cosy – whatever look you’re after. And with a fantastic range of colour choices and flooring types, you’re sure to be able to find the right flooring style to match your new fresh colour scheme.